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Hermitage Dentist Providing TMJ Therapy

If you suffer from headaches, jaw pain, chronic earaches, or teeth grinding, your temporomandibular joints (TMJ) could be misaligned. The temporomandibular joints connect the lower jaw, or mandible, to the temporal bone at the side of the head. Some people feel discomfort or pain with the muscles controlling jaw function. Besides pain, other symptoms of temporomandibular disorder include a clicking sound of the jaw, limited movement of the jaw, a change in the way the upper and lower teeth fit together, headaches, earaches, and dizziness. This condition is known as TMJ disorder or TMD. Dr. Spadafora offers non-surgical options that may relieve your nagging pain.

The NTI device can prevent medically diagnosed migraine pain, tension-type headache, and jaw disorders without drugs or surgery. In some cases, building up the surfaces of back teeth can restore a solid bite and reposition the temporomandibular joints. Other therapies include stress relief exercises and habit alterations.

752 Brookshire Drive, Suite A, Hermitage, PA 16148 USA
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