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Single Tooth Replacement Services in Hermitage, PA

When you’ve lost a single tooth, it may not feel like an urgent situation. Unfortunately, too many adults fall under the belief that a single missing tooth doesn’t need to be replaced immediately -- but it couldn’t be more false. Left un-replaced, even one missing tooth can lead to a host of additional issues, like a degenerating jawbone, dissolving gum tissue, shifting teeth and eventually even more tooth loss later on. When you’ve lost a single tooth, learn about your options for replacement from Dr. Dale F. Spadafora and act quickly to maintain strong oral and overall health.

Your Options in Single Tooth Replacement

You’ve got two good options when it comes to replacing a single tooth -- a fixed bridge or a single tooth implant. The one that’s right for you will depend on your unique smile.

Added Benefits of Single Tooth Implants

Fixed bridges are a fast, effective solution, but we mean it when we say nothing replaces teeth like dental implants. The benefits of implant-retained prosthetics are many -- some added advantages include the following:

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