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Full Mouth Replacement in Hermitage

According to the American College of Prosthodontists, more than 35 million American adults are edentulous, or do not have any teeth. Tooth loss most often occurs as a result of decay and gum disease, but injury, cancer and ordinary wear and tear over the years are also to blame. The consequences of missing teeth can include malnutrition, diabetes, cardiovascular disease and even some forms of cancer. Therefore, full mouth replacement in Hermitage, PA, is a must if you or a loved one is edentulous. Dr. Spadafora has used dental implants to rebuild patients’ mouths, so that they can once again enjoy the benefits of an attractive and beautiful smile.

Full Mouth Replacement with the Prettau Implant Bridge

Many people who are edentulous have dentures. However, these are not ideal, because they simply can never be as secure as real teeth. Implant-retained dentures, however, offer both a firm anchor for your new teeth and a completely natural looking smile.

Dr. Spadafora uses the Prettau Implant Bridge for his patients who are missing all of their teeth. Dr. Spadafora designs your new smile and then the bridge is fabricated from a single piece of zirconia. In this way, the bridge is as beautiful as it is indestructible. Zirconia is biocompatible, which means there’s no chance of an allergic reaction. In addition, zirconia is the strongest dental material available today, so you don’t have to worry about chips or cracks.

Are You A Candidate for a Prettau Implant Bridge?

Dr. Spadafora will be able to determine if you are a qualified candidate, however there are certain prerequisites that make a successful outcome more likely. First, adequate jawbone and gum tissue structure must be in place in order to support any dental bridge. If necessary, Dr. Spadafora will talk to you about a bone graft procedure to increase bone density. Secondly, candidates must be willing to commit to proper oral hygiene care. Yes, a Prettau Implant Bridge is a permanent tooth replacement, but there are certain care and cleaning steps that must be followed in order to ensure the longevity of the bridge and your oral health.

Receiving a Prettau Implant Bridge in Hermitage, PA

The process involved in placing a Prettau Implant Bridge is easier than you might think. Surgery can usually be completed in just one visit. First, Dr. Spadafora removes any remaining teeth. Then, five to eight implants are strategically positioned along your jaw. You’ll wear a temporary bridge while your gums heal, but you will never be without teeth. After a few months, your Prettau Dental Bridge will be attached to the dental implants and you’ll have a fully functional and beautiful smile. 

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